NMN is a molecule that is a basic component of energy production in most cellular metabolic processes and is considered essential for continued homeostasis in all cellular life.   The production of NMN declines as we age and that decline is proposed to be responsible for much age related disease.  Taking NMN has been evidenced to counteract this decline and promote normal homeostasis and  return cellular metabolic processes to their baseline state.

The good news: Most people find it easier to exercise and report better health when taking NMN supplements.

The bad news: The FDA posted a letter on their website that reports that NMN is being considered for researched as a DRUG. This means that if the FDA decides to do this, then it will be taken off the market in the United States. If you are concerned about this, then please circulate this fund raiser link to create free NMN for everyone:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/scoby-for-nmn

Why is NMN, an essential cellular bio-chemical, being investigated as a DRUG??!!??  You can consider that for yourself by viewing the video in the link above.

First step: Sequence SCOBYs: This is currently underway. I’m entirely using my own funds at this point.   I’m finding different SCOBY sources and attempting to determine their sequence by PCR and sending the products to a sequencing service.

This page is primarily for posting my progress and notes in the activities surrounding the engineering of a SCOBY to create NMN.

When I’m done, anyone should be able to make this recipe for pretty much the price of the ingredients.

The results of this project will be released open-source and so if this project is successful then we will all benefit all of humanity. The notes here are free for anyone to use for their own projects.

Here are some links to support the hypothesis of this project.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8027369/  This is interesting reading on NMN production in bacteria and contains an auxotrophic assay to test for NR/NMN.

I will be receiving new PCR reagents on Monday to continue with PCR on the existing SCOBYs that I have on hand.  I can then send the results for testing and identification.

This rather costly process will start the profiling effort for identifying the correct microflora to include in the formation of a custom SCOBY for NMN production.

We are accepting donations of SCOBY from all over the world and also of genetic testing data of different microflora for SCOBYs.  If you want to donate a SCOBY to the project, please leave a comment below.

Please provide support for the NMN SCOBY project and give health to the world!



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